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The Secret to Keeping Your Budget on Track
2004 Darlene Arechederra

B-u-d-g-e-t. The very word can cause us to tremble in our new boots! But a hard-working soul need not fear -- there's a simple way to win the battle of the budget. It's great fun, and what better time to get started! So what's the secret?

Little Known Tax Deductions That Can Save You Big
by Diane Hughes (c) 2002

When you say "end of the year," most small business owners think of two things immediately. The *second* is the holidays. The *first* is taxes! While almost all of us pay taxes quarterly, we still have to file in January. That means November and December are spent getting ready. When you're gathering all your information together for your accountant, don't forget about these regularly overlooked deductions.

Penalty Free Money for College from Your IRA
Copyright 2003, Daniel Lamaute

Higher education is very important for landing lucrative jobs. For many the challenge is finding the money for college. One piece of good news is that if you use money from an IRA to pay for education expenses the IRA account holder may qualify for a tax break.

Under the law, when you use a distribution from a traditional IRA or Rollover IRA to pay for educational expenses for you, your spouse, your children, or grandchildren, you may be exempt from the IRS imposed 10 percent early withdrawal penalty on the distribution.

Are You Financially Fit?
By PT Cheng

When it comes to health, you go for a medical checkup to see if you're physically fit. The medical report will tell everything about your health.

But when it comes to wealth, it's as important that you do a regular checkup for your financial health. You need to know where you are financially before you decide what you want to achieve financially.

I Can't Save Money!
2002 Darlene Arechederra

I've got a confession to make... I used to believe that. We've all been there... We make a commitment to stop spending. We work hard to plug up the leaks. We try new strategies, hoping each will be the special one to provide some momentum.

If you've tried over the years to save money or live more frugally, you've probably come across the simple strategy of tracking your spending. But what if that doesn't work for you either -- despite your best intentions?

There is an alternative -- track what you *save* instead. Here's an example of how to use this to your advantage.

Crisis Fund
By Terry Rigg

What would it be like to have a pot of money available when you have an unexpected expense? I used to think that unexpected expenses was something that happened very rarely. But it seems like these days I have as many unexpected expenses as I do regular bills. One of the vehicles is always needing tires or repairs, the washing machine needs replaced or buying a new water heater (like I did just last week). That is where the Crisis Fund comes in.

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